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CleverStix – Kung Fu Panda


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Product Description

Its New, Its Fun, Its Educational – Its CLEVERSTIX

Using cutlery can be tricky for little ones – making mealtime’s hard work for parents.  This new award-winning Child Development Cutlery uses a special ergonomic chopsticks-style pincer design to improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity, feeding habits and enjoyment of mealtimes.

A truly unique innovation, CleverstiX are suitable for ALL cuisines including PASTA, CHIPS, FRUIT and VEGETABLES for children aged 3 .

For kids the toy-like appearance of their very own CleverstiX can mean having fun applying the concentration required to meet the ‘challenge’ of eating meals, rather playing with their food through boredom (and seeing just how many pasta tubes they can deposit onto the floor!).

CleverstiX is now endorsed by the National Handwriting Association (NHA)


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